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All Hail the Prom King and Queen

When I left school we had a disco in the gym hall, warm flat lemonade and if we were very lucky a stale sausage roll. Now (thankfully) things have progressed and our young people can expect a DJ, glamourous surroundings, beautiful ball gowns and lasting memories of the stage in life when they magically cross over from child to young adult.

The outfit was crucial when proms first came over from the states, the ballgowns, like everything stateside, were bigger, brighter, bolder. Then the focus became the transport, the challenge was always something a little different and we've seen tractors, fire engines, sports cars, helicopters and horse drawn carriages. I'm still waiting for the unicycle however.

Now the photography has overtaken as the key componant of a prom. With a plethora of app's the majority of people can take a good selfie and have it uploaded onto social media within minutes. And that might be fine for a day out with some friends but these are photos to last a life time, photos that will be shared with children and grandchildren and photos that capture your child with the people who know and love them - their friends. From off guard reportage style shots to a mobile white box studio we have your prom covered.

So how does it work? (alternative title: If I'm a prom organiser how much will it cost me?)

We arrive at your prom venue before the start to capture those all important arrivals, we also have a pop up studio inside with some fun props. As the evening progresses we capture action style photos of dancing, speeches and all the fun moments, these are often the most treasured memories - catching people relaxed and unaware creates natural photos.

These photos alongside our white box ones will be on our website to purchase after the event, the pop up ones can be printed then and there and purchased for a small cost. This costs the organiser nothing and ensures that if attendees do not have money on them that photos can still be viewed and purchased afterwards.

We're an experienced, knowlegable and vibrant team. Richard's background in Hollywood really comes to the fore when we cover prom's. Whilst we can't promise to make you a star we'll certainly make you look and feel like one.

And yes that is Jack Black at a prom we covered, and no we had no sausage rolls.

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