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Prime PLC

Thanks so much, Richard. You have, as always, done an amazing job, and the feedback I’ve received has been glowing. Your video skills are certainly as impressive as your photography!  I look forward to our continued work in the future.

Thank you, Richard Weaver. The films you have made are very important documentation of the rock and roll era and musical history. - Thank you for the absolutely awesome work you have done and the superb videos. Brilliant : )

Ole Andreas Jensen,  Swedish Music Fan

Sue Holmes, The Pound

I have just downloaded your photos, which are amazing, fantastic, and stunning…. Eventually, we ran out of superlatives.  Thank you so much. They show off the house and its surroundings perfectly.  John says he almost doesn’t recognise it!  Thank you so much. You have done a wonderful job, and we are very grateful. Very good to meet you, and again, many thanks

Philip Burford MCIAT, Consultant - for and on behalf of Hook Mason Ltd.

Thanks for sending these through - what excellent photographs!

Lisa Charles - Head of Collaboration and Development, Vennture

Just wanted to say, I have seen a preview of the photos you took last week.  They are amazing! Thank you,

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