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Am I photogenic?

Yes, yes you are.

Whilst I could leave that as the worlds shortest blog post I'll expand a little more. As photographers we often hear people say "I'm not photogenic" or "I don't photograph well" or even point out that they have a particular feature or part of their body that they don't like.

Here's the secret. Everybody can look stunning in a photo, the key is communication first and foremost and a good photographer. Because being "photogenic" is connected with how someone feels in front of the camera, not how they look.

If one of our clients is worried about a particular part of their body or face, that will show through the camera. Our job is to break through those worries and show our client the poses, camera angles, photographic style and lighting that will showcase them. Partly that is done through talking the portrait through, so we might decide that a studio sitting is better than outside, or we discuss black and white photography instead of colour, we talk about the things our clients like about themselves, what they'd like to present to the world, are they fun? warm? serious? We also stop a lot in our sessions and check with the client that the photos we are taking are ones they want to see.

During a session we spend around an hour taking photographs, we can provide a make up artist beforehand. After the session the photos will be edited and then uploaded to an online album, this is particularly useful for family portraits as the photos can be viewed and purchased as prints or any other available products such as USB stick, wall products and/or albums. Studio sessions start from £55; location shoots are PAO. We have families coming to us every year documenting those cute siblings growing into gangly teenagers and eventually young adults stepping out into the big world.

We have shot family portraits with over a hundred people, which is where our drone photography comes in to play, and we have shot intimate family groups and individual portraits. All of those photos share the same goals, making the individuals on the other side of the lens look at their glorious best.

Richard Avedon the American photographer once said "How many pictures have you torn up because you hate them? What ends up in your scrapbook? The pictures where you look like a good guy and a good family man, and the children look adorable - and they're screaming the next minute. I've never seen a family album of screaming people."

We like to think thats what we do, capture the moments that will make the scrapbook of your life.

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