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Can we sell you? The art of Commercial Photography

This is an exciting blog to write as commercial photography is one of the area's of the business we are most passionate about.

First of all let's clear up the "art" part.

No we aren't becoming terribly precious but this really is an art form. To take someone's passion, their dream's and convey that in just a single image or video is a skill that not everyone can achieve. But yet it's the single most powerful tool to grow your business, it's more than simply an image, it tell's your audience a story and it evokes very real emotion's. We've all felt all warm inside watching a certain nappy brand use babies in their image's, when you see a black horse which Bank do you think of? And the iconic image of Christopher Reeves with one arm out flying over the earth surely made us all want to rush out and be an invincible superhero? (no? just me then).

And when children watch Spiderman and then run around *whooshing* web's everywhere? well we never really grow out of that. That's the beauty of commercial photography, its not imagination that keeps us striving for more and wanting more, it's that picture we hold in our heads' of how life would be.

Here at RWP we work with a range of media to deliver a turnkey solution. Richard didn't start as a photographer until he had worked as a copy writer, director and documentary maker so the breadth of experience we can offer is top rate. We have worked with some amazing client's, from well known brand's such as Aga and Mercedes to smaller brand's such as Chase. Whether you are established or would like support to create your brand identity we would love to talk to you.

After all as Elliot Erwitt said "the whole point of taking picture's is so you don't have to explain things with word's".

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