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Drone Photography and Film: Life through a flying lens

We attended an expo last week and our drone was one of the stars of the show, if you aren't sure what they are, then imagine the child of a remote controlled helicopter and the Death Star and you are somewhere near a drone. a steadier more acrobatic flying video camera, with the benefit of a bird's eye view you can capture visuals which are truly inspiring. It was these visuals that we created after we were approached by the BBC and commissioned to produce drone footage for A Vicar's Life, a documentary going behind the scenes of the lives of country vicars. One of the most iconic scenes from the series was the footage we shot inside a church drawing up and back from the altar. Click here to see that footage in our drone section.

You don't need to live in a Cathedral however to see stunning interior footage, our services are being engaged increasingly to advertise holiday cottages and properties for sale. If your home is in a unique or beautiful location, or the location is part of the properties attraction, having commercial video or photographic images showing that will really make it pop out.

Living in the stunning Wye Valley we are often approached by bride and grooms to be requesting aerial shots of their wedding, especially those held at home or on farms. Thankfully wedding videos and wedding photography have moved on since the days when the photographer would stand on a chair to get everyone in. Now we can take stunning images of all of the guests and the wedding venue, capturing sunset and night time footage especially makes for some beautiful and unique memories.

We are contracted to produce drone video photography across the U.K for agricultural businesses, waste disposal plants and forestry owners. Our social drone photography has covered prom balls, 21st birthday parties, music festivals and our favourite, a teddy bear's picnic.

Utilising a drone is one of the most unique and cost effective ways to promote a business or capture a memory, with Richard's background in film and documentary making he is able to create images that will stay with the viewer forever. Drop us an e mail for an informal chat about how we can help you.

And seriously, if your wedding photographer stands on a chair then you need to hire a new one.

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